Some of our favorite wines made in the Paso Robles AVA are Grenache blends or 100% Grenaches.  From a winemaking perspective we want to have more colors to paint with, and since we love Grenache is seems like an obvious next varietal to grow.  We are currently in the process of making a Grenache -- it's currently in barrel and we're very happy with the way it tastes -- but we'd like to grow our own.

In this video we show Les and Aaron doing what they often do together on the property: fuss with the tractor and get work done.  The next step in the planting of Grenache is "ripping" the soil, and on this day we rip enough soil to determine if we want to rip the entire acre, or if it represents too much of a threat to the top soil.  We show the challenges of working with tractor equipment, and doing infrastructure work yourself, and our happy discovery of the sandy, loamy soil in the acre we plan on planting.