When I was a young man, Spring was a time when my attention was focused on the pursuit of young women.  Later in life and happily married, my springtime focused on the baseball season.  Now, when I should be sleeping in the sunshine, Springtime is all about “weeds.”  My days are spent on the tractor mower, swinging the weed whacker or in the vineyard wielding a hoe.  The winemaker volunteered to help out, but when she asked where the on/off switch was on the hoe I knew I was on my own.  We use no herbicides for weed control in the vineyard, so our alternatives for weed control are somewhat limited.  We do have four little chickens who were originally intended to roam the vineyard consuming bugs and weeds and laying eggs in their spare time.  Unfortunately, they are under performing on all fronts.  I have been reviewing my “cellar rat” contract and will soon be approaching the winemaker to discuss a clearer definition of the “other related duties” clause.  Wish me luck.

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